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A New generation of Well Bore Clean-Up Tools designed to save time and improve the effectiveness of well bore clean-out operations

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The field Marshall Combo Tool

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Field Marshall was established in 2013, taking over the Assets and Management team of Rotary Drilling Supplies Europe ltd which had been trading since 1992, this company was the first to design mechanical aids for the down hole clean-up of the well bore. The first Well Clean-Up Tool was the ‘The Hedgehog’. It was used for cleaning the well bore prior to completion and was run by Shell in the UK sector of the North Sea and by Aramco in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The Hedgehog was superseded by the design of the Self centralizing casing brush/scraper known as the Ezi change Well Clean-Up Tool which is currently run by major oilfield companies worldwide.

A New generation of Well Clean-Up Tools

Field Marshall continues to develop Well Clean-Up Tools for new applications and to improve operational efficiency. The range now includes Coiled Tubing clean-up tools, Junk Catcher, self-centralizing riser brush/scraper and the self-centralizing casing brush/scraper.

Field Marshall is presently in the final development stages of a new generation of enhanced performance Well Clean-out Tools: the ‘Field Marshall™Combo and Down Hole Magnet tools.

The company also continues to develop innovative consumables for Well Clean-Up Tools to reduce cost and improve operational efficiency: Brush pads, Scraper blocks and Stabilizer sleeves.

Our Team

Dedicated team has over 40 years’ experience in all aspects of the Oil industry worldwide and has great experience in the design and manufacture of mechanical down hole Well Clean-Up Tools.

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