FM Magnet Tool

Open top sheath magnet illustrated

Field Marshall Magnet

Open top sheath
Field Marshall Magnet
Size range availability: – On request

The high performance Field Marshall casing magnet is a robust high strength well bore clean-out tool, it can be run during fishing, milling and completion operations when the removal of ferrous debris is required.
Leading and trailing stabilisers integral with the body centralize the magnet section within the tubular providing a large holding area also ensuring that ferrous material is not dislodged as the tool is withdrawn from the well, the stabilisers are arranged to create turbulence over the magnets slowing flow rate, dispersing ferrous material over the magnets.
The high strength magnets are sealed for life within a thin wall stainless steel sheath which protects the magnets from corrosive chemicals and damage, the sheath allows field dressing without damaging the magnets.
The magnet sheath can easily be removed from the tool when the magnets require changing out.

Tool Special Features

  • The casing magnet can be supplied to suit most casing sizes and weights and with open top sheaths if requested.
  • Robust high strength body incorporating stabilizers arranged to create turbulence over magnets.
  • High strength magnets sealed for life within stainless steel removable sheath.
  • Magnets protected from corrosive chemicals and damage..
  • Magnet sheaths can be field dressed safely
  • stabilizer’s centralize magnet within casing
  • Large holding area for ferrous material
  • No internal connections