Combo Brush tool

Field Marshall™ Combo Brush Tool

Size range availability: – 5” to 13-3/8”

The Combo brush is a high performance well clean-out tool designed to reduce operation costs, and improve the effectiveness of clean-out operations.

The Combo brush minimises string torque by use of non-rotating stabilisers mounted in sturdy sealed bearing tracks. In addition, the unique trailing stabiliser incorporates a debris chamber which collects loose debris as the tool is withdrawn to the surface.

The Combo brush is designed to scrub the interior walls of casing, removing deposits of wax, scale, tar, paraffin and other debris prior to completion. The pads which provide 360 degree coverage whether rotated or not are interchangeable with the scraper pads.

The Brush Combo features elongated helical brush inserts which minimise clogging and maximise clean up efficiency resulting in faster clean-up operations. The long life brush pads unique design allows the brush inserts to be easily replaced providing savings in pad replacement costs and downtime.

Tool Special Features

  • The non- rotating stabilizers minimize torque and centralize the tool when operating in high angle or horizontal wells
  • The brush pads maintain equal pressure against the tubular walls by way of springs located below
  • Long life brush pads
  • Replaceable brush inserts saving in costly pad replacement and shipping costs.
  • Helix shaped brush inserts to prevent clogging and improve cleaning
  • Brush pads and bristles can be manufactured in various materials
  • Debris chamber with impellor collects loose debris as tool is withdrawn.

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