Junk Catcher

Field Marshall Junk Catcher

The junk catcher can be supplied to suit most casing sizes and weights.

With the aid of well bore fluid the junk catcher effectively removes debris from the well (i.e. cuttings, swarf, junk, etc.) prior to running completions and also after perforating operations.
As a multi-function tool the catcher can be used to clear obstructions from the well bore, as a well bore gauge and to dress liner tops.
AISI 4145 Mod steel is used for all the tool parts with the exception of the junk catcher funnel which is fabricated from 316 stainless steel, and the sleeve from API grade L80 steel.
The mill section and the entrance into the catcher are dressed with tungsten carbide or similar to suit customer’s conditions.
Junk is trapped within the tool body, fluid escaping through a screen located at the top of the catcher section. Powerful magnets within the Junk holding chamber retain any ferrous debris captured.

Tool Features

  • Three operations in one run: junk removal, full gauge of well bore and dress liner tops.
  • Gauge and clean hole after well bore milling operations
  • Can also be run in tandem to clean up more than one section (with correct space out)
  • Final clean-up of well before running completions
  • Entrance to Catcher tungsten carbide dressed